Er-20 Hi-fi Ear Plugs Review

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Er-20 Hi-fi Ear Plugs
Er-20 Hi-fi Ear Plugs



Original author: Bogdan Radovic

Weapon: Ear Plugs

Make: Er-20

Model: Er-20 Hi-fi

Price: $10


Hi GMC and welcome to my review of ER-20 Hi-Fi Ear Plugs.First of all to say why am I making this review..A large number of people don't use any protection for ears while playing loud.That is a big mistake because ears are musicians most important instrument.Have you heard of Tinnitus ? Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the human ear in the absence of corresponding external sound(s).In other words , have you ever had a ringing sensation in your ears/head ? Constant beeping sound that is annoying you?? Well thats tinnitus..How to prevent it ? Easy - use ear plugs whenever you play loud, go to a gig or concert or whatever place that it loud..Do not listen to music extremely loud on headphones either! Also the longer you stay in a place with loud music the worse..Because ears have their own protection but the longer they stay exposed to loud sounds the more venerable they get..For example : Your in a club with the band playing loud and you are sitting with your friends and chating..What happens - you can't hear your friends well and you are forcing your ears to let the more sound in it in order to hear them..And with it comes in the loud damaging noise as well.. Be careful because if you damage your ears too much there is no going back and treating it (you can treat some of the symptoms but not the whole thing)..A large number of famous musicians have problems with tinnitus (I had a list , must dig it up)..



These earplugs let you hear all frequencies clearly (almost all) like you don't wear them but at lower (safer) volume level.These plugs reduce the volume by 20db.They are reusable, and last for 3-4 months and than loose some of the frequency blocking qualities..You can wash them (with water) but be careful with that if you can just wipe them that may be better solution (for them to last longer)..I use them in studio as well as on stage and when listening to gigs/concerts..How they feel..Well they are comfortable , your ears don't start to hurt from them or something and are good for wearing them for hours..Sometimes you just forget you have them on..How they sound (most important part)..Well they sound pretty much like you have no plugs on (when they are new)..So even if they last long I recommend that you change them every 1-2 months for best quality..They lower the volume just enough to be safe and you don't loose (much) of a pleasure of listening to music..They cut some of the high frequencies and some of low ones more but let the much of them in...When using these plugs I don't feel that I'm missing much of the music that I would hear without them..When you wear them in loud environment you can hear your friends much easier than without them..You don't become deaf or something because of the volume drop.They have 3 flanges and provide a good fit in most of ears..Make sure you get them in properly or they won't be as much efficient as they need to be..These plugs are best sell all over the world , big rivals are Alpine Music safe ones..They have some interchangeable filters but I found ER-20 to work much better for me(clear music)..Also I tried hunting plugs and they are really bad (cut a lot of range from music).But there are more brands there so I would like to hear your experiences with plugs.Best way to go with it is to buy custom made musician earplugs they are surly the best but they cost like that too (+100$)...They come in a little plastic box, in different colors and with straps.If you have small ears there is now new model - Baby blues.


Price paid and where it was bought: I ordered them online and paid 10$ for them.

Ease of use

They are very easy to use , just fit them nicely..

Sound quality

They let the whole range of music in at reduced volume.Sound great to me..


They are reusable , they last for 3-4 months but I recommend to change them every 1-2.


Don't neglect this most important (and very cheap) piece of gear for musicians..These plugs will allow you to enjoy music and playing at much lower and safer volume levels.Always wear them in loud situations and you won't have any hearing problems..Its simple..

I give them perfect 10.

I wish there where plugs that let the perfect range of music at lower volume but I think thats not possible right now.