FS - 6

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General Information

Original Author: MonkeyDAthos

Weapon: Dual Foot Switch

Make: Boss

Model: Boss FS-6

Price: Around 49Euros/64 USD


Fs-6 is basically the fusion of FS-5L (latch type) and the FS-5U (momentary type) foot switches in one. Both A and B pedals can have both types by changing the MODE setting in the back of the foot switch.

Latch Type - alternately switches on or off each time the pedal switch is pressed.

Momentary Type - Switches on (off) while the pedal switch is held down, and off (on) when the switch is released.

The polarity setting basically works as an indicator, to choose whether you want to have the light on or off while the pedal is on.


For a full performance of the machine I recommend using a TRS 1/4 phone jack, this jack also works as a power switch while plugged in the FS-6, so don't forget to unplug it when you are not using the foot switch unless you want to kill some batteries.


I have used it for about 4 months now, and from my experience with it I can say that it isn't a bad foot switch and it isn't the best either. For example the polarity settings feature is just useless, there was no need to add it.

They aren't very compatible, they only work pretty much with Roland/Boss stuff. i have tried it on a Fender Frontman 212r and it really messes up the distortion options of the amp.

If you aren't careful and hit to hard on the pedal, instead of you clicking on time you'll click two and really mess up things if you are in a gig.

Compatibility - 7

Reability- 8

Ease to use - 8

Total overall - 7,5