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Named after a villian in aseires of crim stories mad popular in the 1911's in French story telling.


Fantomas:The Band

Fantomas is yet another colloboration of Mike Patton including Dave Lombardo (Slayer Drummer), Buzz Osbourne of The Melvins, and Trevor Dunn of Mr.Bungle fame. This band has been a huge success in the avant garde genre of music from blasting death metal beats to sutle screams to remakes of old movie themes and making and entire cd for encompassing one 74 minute track that tells the story of surgery without anestesia.

Patton has been bringing back many styles including scatting and dada, the "anti-art" dada movement of the early 1900s. Thus using thes style to infuse them into a metal / avant garde / rock / jazz kind of way. His creativity is nothing but shear genious and almost all release that Patton release gets nothing but praise to his following.



The Directors Cut

Delirium Cordova

Suspended Animation


Der Golem

The Godfather

Delirium Cordia