Fender Showmaster Review

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Fender Showmaster
Fender Showmaster

Weapon: Electric Guitar

Make: Fender

Model: Showmaster FMT (Natural Finish)

Playing Style: Rock, Heavy Metal, many others...

Price: Around $630usd

Sound: (9.5\10) - Originally sound great with stock pickups (Seymour Duncan SH-1nRP '59 Reverse Polarity humbucker at the neck---Seymour Duncan SHPGP-1b Pearly Gates Plus humbucker at the bridge). But mine has a Dimebucker in bridge and a SH-10 Full Shred at the neck. Heavier with the dimebucker...good for metal lessons on gmc. Either pickup setup sounds amazing.

Feel:(9\10 with adjustment) - 24 frets...One of the only Fender models out of Korea that i know of. Nice neck and great high fret access. Fast rosewood fretboard which is very flat and much different than my strat which i love both...good to have different ones. Set maple neck makes it feel very wholesome and gives it great sustain. Very light but sounds great with basswood body. Only draws are needing setup to reduce fret buzz and action lowered, as well as the tremelo requires either a tremsetter or new tuners to stay finely tuned...i don't use a trem much and it stays in tune well.

Value: (9\10) AMAZING look and great feel with great sound and playability for 630usd. I got mine new on ebay for 430usd and recommend ebay when looking for showmasters...Great value since made in Korea(they did a nice job on mine)

Overall Impression: (9\10) - Can't get over the sound with distortion...sooo nice....Need to get it set up once and then it plays like a dream...recommended for middle budget player looking for Fender name with Rg playability and heavy sound.

Alternative Weapon: Ibanez RG Prestige(of course), Fender HH Strat with flat fingerboard Originally by Layzer