Fernando Culen - The Date Review

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Fernando Culen - The Date EP
Fernando Culen - The Date EP


General Information

Original Author: RatedHtr

Artist: Fernando Culen

Album: The Date (EP)

Genre: Rock/?


- Strange F-ing Week
- The Date
- Programming
- Wrong


First of, would like to give my congratulations to Fernando for making this incredible EP and, for giving me the opportunity to write a review and my first Wiki contribution to GMC.

Let's Begin!


I always analyze an album as it being recorded in a professional studio and for the mood it gives to me. If I feel any instrument is louder or if one instrument is being neglected too much. This EP made me feel that Fernando ( if he was the one to take care of the mixing/mastering ) knows what he was doing and choose well the sound he wanted to give.

Guitar Sound and Guitar Work

The tone is really good, it really pleases me on all songs, the only one where it doesn't really appeal that much to me would be on the intro to the track "Programming" since I usually don't like wah wah sounds, but that's a matter of taste once again. The rhythm guitars in most of the tracks are in the background giving a really good ambient, specially the acoustic work, is really well done. I also must add that I spent some time listening to guitar directed tracks for something like 1 hour to get into the mood for a proper evaluation, and these tracks, especially "Strange Fucking Week" are among the best ones I heard today, even beating my Gustavo Guerra preference because for me, Fernando knew how to put all of his soul into the music. Showing is bluesy side, rock fusion mixed with funky elements and acoustic skills. Hell, I can even hear country!

Overall Impression 8/10

To be honest, I really dislike Vai and Satriani, only being able to listen two or three tracks by them, but Fernando, who used the latest of the two to refer to me his influences, really shows something I like. This is real fusion, not just jazz with something else, it's a mix of many styles, and it does tell a story in my head. The overall conception is great and let an LP come next.

Bravo Fernando, Te felicito!