Fostex Mr-8 Mkii Multitrack Recorder Review

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Mr-8 MkII Multitrack Recorder
Mr-8 MkII Multitrack Recorder



Original author: Shredmandan

Weapon: Multitrack Recorder

Make: Fostex

Model: MR-8 OR MKII

Price: $250.00 USD New


I just got this recorder this weekend and want to say i love it.I have the MR-8 which is pictured but they now make it as the MKII but its really the same thing.Its an 8 track digital recorder that uses a flash media card for recording.


I was shocked at how quick i was able to just get right in and start working on tracks with this thing.I had no manual with it,but they made this thing so easy to use basic operation is pretty simple to figure out.Instructions are available online and are very easy to follow.Fostex struck gold with this recorder on it's easy to use functions.


The MR-8 features 8 tracks of recording along with an easy feature thats lets you overdub tracks with the push of a button.There is guitar or mic inputs along with midi,left and right stereo out and 2 headphone jacks.You even have a built in condinser mic and an optional footswitch jack.There built in mic and amp simulation along with delay and reverb.Very easy to view lcd screen with lights so its very clear what your working on,also you can hook up to your computer using the usb port.They also make an optional cd burner that can attach to the MR-8 to make your own compact disc's.


I love this thing,the sound quality is just awesome.I remember having the fostex 4 track tape recorder and just stopping recording because how poor the sound was.Im very happy with the sound get out of the MR-8 .If you want something portable and easy to take along with you this is the sulotion.I liked reaper but this thing is just funner to use and i dont have to be stuck to my computer.If your looking to start recording and want to go digital this is your best option especially for price.You can find one of these on Ebay for around $100.00 USD.