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Frank Marino
Frank Marino



Frank Marino is the guitarist of Mahogany Rush

He was born Francesco Antonio Marino on November 20, 1954 in Montreal, Canada. Half Italian and half Arab, Frank is one of five children. He grew up in the time of peace and hippie movement, therefore he only spent seven years in school. It was during those days that his experimentation with LSD would lead him to what was later to become the definition of his life.

The name Mahogany Rush, was a description of a certain sensation that he was having on the trip.

Since this early drug experience which later became known to the press, they created stories about that being the reason he played much in the style of Jimi Hendrix. The most overheard story is that he took an overdose and somehow wake up from a coma and became a spirit of Hendrix.

The truth is that after rehab at the hospital he started to learn to play the guitar, It was only a few short years later after many different bands that Frank Marino recorded his first album.

The band had its peak of popularity in the 1970s and toured extensively playing such venues as California Jam II together with bands such as Aerosmith and Heart. Marino is still active; Frank Marino's music never reached the mainstream of popularity, but has had a devoted fan base that has grown over the years.


• 1972 Maxoom
• 1974 Child of the Novelty
• 1975 Strange Universe
• 1976 Mahogany Rush IV
• 1977 World Anthem
• 1978 Live
• 1979 Tales Of The Unexpected
• 1980 What's Next
• 1981 The Power of Rock & Roll
• 1982 Juggernaut
• 1987 Full Circle
• 1990 From The Hip
• 1997 Dragonfly-Best of Mahogany Rush
• 2000 Eye of the Storm
• 2003 RealLIVE!

Other recordings and collections

• 1978 California jam II
• 1980 Fit for A.King
• 1988 Metal giants(Collection-Various artists)
• 1990 Guitar Speak II
• 1993 Hats off to Stevie Ray


Gibson SG
Custom Lado guitar


Frank Marino - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Marc Weber - Bass Guitar
Avi Ludmer - Rhythm Guitar/Violin/Backing Vocals
Dave Goode - Dru


Originally by Whitesnake