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Gear Acquisition Syndrome
Gear Acquisition Syndrome

G.A.S (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

A lot of musicians suffer from this debilitating affliction. G.A.S stands for Gear Acquisition Syndrome. It refers to the need to buy equipment more than we actually need. Some people spend more time searching for gear to buy than playing music. It is a very expensive habit and even worse, an addiction!


If you take a look around you, do you really need 8 guitars, 4 amps, 24 pedals, 3 PA systems, 19 different microphones, and one upset significant other? Most people have G.A.S for a few reasons:

Reason #1

I want to sound like this Metallica, so they buy a Mesa Boogie full stack, pedals, custom signature Kirk Hammett guitar. But then, Steve Vai strikes their fancy and they must get his sound right down to a dime. They then go and buy a Ibanez Jem Universe, a harmonizer, and signature Carvin amp.

Reason #2

I am not playing as good as I should be. I need a new guitar, amp, stomp pedals to help me play better and sound like I should.

Reason #3

I need a different variety of gear to keep my playing fresh and so I can cover all of the various musical genres if need be.

Reason #4 I buy gear to collect it as I enjoy a great piece of craftsmanship. You always say to other that inquire about why you have so much gear, "This stuff will be worth so much more money later on!"


A great player can sound good on even cheap gear as his techniques, phrasing, and tone will show even though the sound will be different. One good thing about G.A.S is that it can motivate you to play/practice or inspire you to write new music.