GMC Instructor Videos

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GMC Instructor Videos

A selection of videos played by our instructors
These are not necessarily GMC lessons, but projects they have worked on in the past, on their own or with their respective bands, as part of recording sessions, unexpected improvisations and even covers. Step ahead and listen to these mind-blowing jewels! user posted image

Marcus Siepen with his band Blind Guardian - "The Bard's Song"

Zsolt Galambos with his band Wisdom - "Wisdom"

Gabriel Leopardi & Luciana Segovia with their band Cirse - "Muy Tarde"

Pedja Simovic - "Blue Bossa Jazz Guitar"

Daniel Realpe - "Children of Bodom Solos Medley"

Muris Varajic - Improvisation

Marius Pop Shreds it

Marcus Lavendell - Icarus Dream Fanfare (Yngwie Malmsteen)

Ivan Milenkovic & Bogdan Radovic with their band Ljute Papricice - "Hej Fanki Music"

Maestro Mistheria performs My Dear Chopin at the ProgHead Festival in Budapest