GMC Mentoring Program

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GMC Mentoring Program

Information Updated as of 20/09/2016

Mentoring Instructors

Mentoring instructors: currently available Gabriel Leopardi and Todd Simpson. They are instructors who take care of forum feedback on a daily basis. This means our members can count on reasonably fast responses and regular care of their playing progress. In the past some other instrustors have been leading mentoring program as well, Darius and Ben for example, but at the moment they are not available due to their external duties. That's why you can see more instructors in the mentoring forum section

Although both provide a solid guitar background it's generally advised to go with Todd if you are strictly into technique/shred, while Gabe is an excellent guide regarding rock/pop/blues/metal.

Send PM to Gabriel Leopardi
Send PM to Todd Simpson

Gabriel Leopardi's Personal Board
Todd Simpson's Personal Board

At the same time it's worth mentioning that many other instructors do visit the site quite often and you can always try to catch them through Private Message, at the boards or just writting your question below the lessons. Even if some instructor is not available anymore, you can still count on feedback from any other instructor, because they will all see your activity and follow you to be able to help.

REC Instructors


Anyone can post a REC take of any lesson anytime at our REC boards (There's no need to be part of the Mentoring Instructors program to take part in REC)

REC instructors are Gabriel Leopardi, Ben Higgins and Darius Wave. They are responsible for a regular care of REC section. They listen, watch and analyze our member's takes over their chosen lessons, and post their feedback. They also grade the take so you have an image of how far in the 1-10 scale you are for this particular lesson execution.

It is not necessary to have professional recording gear, to post a REC take. Phone video/webcams can be enough as long as Instructors can see both of your hands and they can clearly hear your guitar.

No matter who leads your mentoring, you can choose from all the lessons, not only those from your mentoring instructor.