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GMC Museum, Welcome!

Welcome to our Museum!, take a seat in our ultra-secret time machine, and fly back into the past to check the history of our site from its very beginnings! We hope you enjoy these nostalgic screenshots which only go to show how much the site has evolved over time. The section will keep growing as GMC is always improving user posted image

To infinity, and beyond!
(Hint: Click on the pics to see them bigger!)

GMC Prehistory (Also known as "Freelicks") - Beware of tyrannosaurus!

Freelicks Mainpage - 2005

Freelicks Mainpage - 2006

Freelicks Mainpage - 2007

2006 - GMC is Born!

Early 2006 Mainpage

Late 2006 Mainpage


Early 2007

Late 2007

(Hard to find good screens of this era, some thumbs are missing but you get the picture!)


(Hard to find any good screen of this year, shall you have any in your pockets, let us know!)
You can always read some nice articles though, as The GMC Journal was born this year.

Early GMC Journal Edition

Late 2009


Video Lessons


Lesson Layout

Advanced Search


Early 2010

Christmas 2010


Early 2011 (During AC/DC's Thematic Month)

Vintage GMC Boards (Up to May 2011)

Christmas 2011


Main Page

2013 Boards

2013 Workshops Section

2013 Signup Page

2013 View New posts

2013 View New posts