GMC Organization List

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Kristofer Dahl Admin, GMC Founder & Rocker
Maria Admin
Justin Myrick Admin
Andrew Cockburn Moderation Policy Director, Theory Board Management
MickeM Senior, Moderation Team Leader, Gear Reviews Forum Management
Chris Evans Senior, Moderator, Community & SI Coordinator, Collabs & MTP Forum Management
Mattacuk Senior
RokChik Senior, Moderator
Sensible Jones Moderator
Skennington Senior, Moderator, Virtual Bands & REC Coordinator, REC & Virtual Bands Forum Management
The Uncreator Senior, Moderator, Album Reviews Forum Management
Tonymiro Senior, Moderator
AudioPaal Senior, Competitions Coordinator
DeepRoots Senior
Fran Senior, Wiki Coordinator, GMC Journal Director, Wiki Forum Management
Kaneda Senior
Tank Senior
StaffayMost Valuable Contributor, GMC Wikier
QuadriumMost Valuable Contributor, GMC Wikier, Wiki Portal Admin, Student Instructor
ZakkWylde GMC Wikier
Sensible Jones GMC Wikier, Gear & Genres Portal Admin
Bondy GMC Wikier, Wiki Art Director
Boson GMC Wikier
Canis GMC Wikier
Fire GMC Wikier
Matt23 GMC Wikier
NoSkill GMC Wikier
Smikey2006 GMC Wikier
Velvet Roger Student Instructor, Student's Lick of the Day Responsible
Enforcer Student Instructor
Gus Student Instructor
Puxler140 Student Instructor
Rockwouldbe Student Instructor
Superize Student Instructor
Tolek Student Instructor
Vic_Black Student Instructor
Ztevie Student Instructor
Tolek MTP Student Mentors
UncleSkillet MTP Student Mentors
AjMurrel MTP Student Mentors
Lcsdds MTP Student Mentors
Velvet Roger MTP Student Mentors
Gabriel Leopardi GMC Coordination Recording Studio Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Zsolt Galambos GMC Coordination Recording Studio Hungary (Budapest)

Visit the GMC Organization Chart to view the different groups of people that manage different parts of GMC