Gallows - Orchestra Of Wolves Review

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Gallows - Orchestra Of Wolves
Gallows - Orchestra Of Wolves


General Information

Original Author: Alex Lewis

Artist: Gallows

Album: Orchestra of Wolves

Genre: Punk


1. Kill the Rhythm
2. Come Friendly Bombs
3. Abandon Ship
4. In the Belly of a Shark
5. Six Years
6. Rolling with the Punches
7. Last Fight for the Living Dead
8. Just Because You Sleep Next to Me Doesn't Mean You're Safe 9. Will Someone Shoot That Fucking Snake
10. Stay Cold
11. I Promise This Won't Hurt
12. Orchestra of Wolves


Well what is there to say about one of englands most (in)famous of bands?

Well they sound alot like the Sex Pistols only with more pissed off lyrics and a way better guitar duo so here is a rundown.....


8/10:- Although none of their songs are very technical and really don't contain much in the way of lead playing the guitarists in this band summon up more bile spitting fury than most virtuosos could attain in a life (mainly cos they are being way to preoccupied with being note perfect).

All the riffs are delivered in a harsh yet controlled manner and the record in general has more of a live feel than most bands nowadays.

The drumming is definitely more from the metal school of thought and contains some nice double kick touches without feeling too cliched or overused.

The singing is more like controlled shouting however there is some fine vocal delivery in rolling with the punches (what did you expect from a band who sound like the aforementioned Pistols anyway!).


9/10:- There are some killer songs on here just get "Belly of a Shark" and "Abandon ship" for a couple of examples and even though these are highlights there really isn't a bad track on here.
Each one will break into your head and squat there as long as you don't find something else to replace it.


10/10:- This is what pure Punk spirit would sound like if you could bottle it up and sell it, forget so called punk bands like Green Day and Offspring if you want obnoxious noise mongering this is where to find it!.


My overall score is 9/10 cos it makes me feel like the 70's never ended

For fans of:- Sex Pistols, At The Drive In, Boy Sets Fire, Amen

I you like this try:- Amen:- We have come for your parents