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George Lynch is a famous hard rock guitarist from Spokane.



George was born September 28 in year 1954. He is playing the guitar since he was 10 years old, and quickly started to play in local bands. After moving to Los Angeles, he formed two bands: The Boyz and Xciter. His abilities improved, and he gained recognition. He was auditioned twice by Ozzy Ozbourne, first time losing to Randy Rhodes, and later to Jake E. Lee ( the second time Ozzy changed his mind, after actually choosing Lynch ). Yet fame was soon to come...

Dokken Era

Dokken is a great hard rock band, founded by Don Dokken. In 1980, he met George and invited him to the band. The three first years of their activity weren't successful in the States, but the band gained much popularity in Europe.

In 1983 Dokken recorder Tooth And Nail which was their first famous album, that brought them high in the hard rock pantheon. This was followed by Under Lock and Key in 1985 and Back For The Attack in 1987. All three albums reached platinum status, and the single "Kiss of Death" from Back For The Attack placed 13 on U.S. chart. During that time they toured with fames such as AC/DC, Dio, Judas Priest, Aerosmith, Scorpions, Metallica or Van Halen. Yet the differences between George and Don resulted in George leaving the band in 1989.

It can be also noted, that Georges nick name "Mr. Scary" comes from a great instrumental song of the same title, recorder on "Back For The Attack" album.

Lynch Mob and solo work

After leaving the band, George formed a band called "Lynch Mob". Their first record Wicked Sensations was released in 1990. What would be appreciated in the 80' seemed little out of fashion in the 90', and so the interest in bands music wasn't high. The next album Lynch Mob was even less successful, and so Lynch Mob disbanded.

In 1993 George released his first solo album, that displayed a much more complex nature of Lynch's playing, and enabled him to show a different face.


In 1994 George was called by his former band members from Dokken, and asked for help with recording two new albums. The record company refused to release them without Lynch. After three years of touring, George left the band again.

After that, in 1998 he formed another incarnation of Lynch Mob, and released Smoke This album. The rap-metal direction disappointed both the fans and critics.

2003 was the year when two more albums were relased: Wicked Underground - made in collaboration with Jeff Pilson, fellow band member from Dokken. REVolution - with Lynch Mob.

Lately George meet London LeGrand, a vocalist of Brides of Destruction, and formed a band "Soul of We". Their first cd was released last year, under the title Let The Truth be Known.

Style and influences

Biggest influences, according to Lynch himself were: Eddie Van Halen, Jeff Beck and Michael Schenker.

When it comes to style, George is surely one of the most recognizable guitarist. First thing that make him unique is his picking technique. He holds the pick in a unorthodox way, and that combined with aggressive picking make a very tight sound. Another thing is his strange fingering ideas, that aren't easy to find in other guitarist arsenal. He knows multiple ways of adding spice to each note played.

Georges playing always sounds spontaneous, it isn't easy to find a big scheme in the music, rather many ideas that contribute to the final outcome.

NOTE: George Lynch Lesson here we have a lesson covering George's Style, made by Daniel Robinson. It also features another Lynch's trademark, the "gothic octave" as he calls it.


Since 1986 George is endorsing ESP guitars. Many models have been created. The most well knows is the "Skulls and Bones" model:

Other guitar models were: Kamikaze, Tiger, Skull and Snakes, Serpent.

One of the best selling Seymour Duncan pickups is the "Screaming Demon" created for George Lynch.

Recently Zoom released a G2g George Lynch Pedal.

Much of his gear can be seen on his official website.


Breaking the Chains (1983) Dokken
Tooth and Nail (1984) Dokken
Under Lock and Key (1985) Dokken
Back for the Attack (1987) Dokken
Beast from the East (1988) Dokken
Wicked Sensation (1990) Lynch Mob
Lynch Mob (1992) Lynch Mob
Sacred Groove (1993) Solo
One Live Night (1995) Dokken
Dysfunctional (1995) Dokken
Shadowlife (1997) Dokken
Smoke This (1999) Lynch Mob
Will Play for Food (2000) Solo
Stone House (2001) Solo
The Lynch That Stole Riffness! (2002) Solo
REvolution (2003) Lynch Mob
Wicked Underground (2003) Lynch+Pilson
Furious George (2004) Solo
The Lost Anthology (2005) Solo
Gemini (2006) Lana Lane
Scorpion Tales (2007) Solo
Let the Truth Be Known (2008) Souls of We

Video interview

George Lynch Guitar Lessons on Dave Navarro's Spread TV