Gitarrero - In The Style Of Green Day SI Lesson

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Hi everybody!

My name is Christian, I am 29 years old and I'm from Germany. I've been a member here at GMC for almost two years now, so I thought it's about time for a student instructor lesson. I really love punk rock, especially american punk bands. One of my all time favourite bands has always been Green Day, since their album "Dookie". This was also one of the first albums I played along to.

This band has a really powerfull sound, quite often their songs start with one "crunchy" guitar and after a few seconds the drums, bass and a distorted guitar will kick in. One remarkable thing about the guitar playing of Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Days singer and main guitar player, is that he uses the power of his shoulder when playing rhythm guitar, thus creating a powerfull sound. He also states that the strings are hit by both his pick and his thumb. So, this lesson covers a few riffs in the style of Green Day, especially songs from their latest album 21st Century Breakdown. Nothing too difficult here, we will cover:

-Power Chords
-Left Hand Muting
-Chord Slides

...and that's about it!
I tuned the guitar 1/2 step down for this lesson, Green Day do that sometimes as well.
I hope you enjoy this lesson, I'd love to do more in the future, so let me now what's good about this one and what can be better.
Rock on!

Main Video

Spoken Introduction

Lesson Videos Step by Step

The first part, pay attention to the left hand muting and play with as much power as possible!

The second part, only three powerchords, but pay attention to the left hand muting once again!

The third part, it's about precision with theses slides, plus you'll learn to mute with the left hand and strum hard with the right hand!

The fourth part is a rhythm part, pay attention on timing and hit the strings as hard as possible!

The fifth part is an easy solo, nothing too difficult here...

Backing Tracks & Tabs

And here are two backings and the tabs.

BT 125 bpm:

BT 100 bpm:

Tabs: Gitarrero SI lesson Green Day.pdf ( 14.36K )

If you need anything else, just let me know!

P.S.: And a little bonus video...