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GuitarMasterClass is a guitar lesson website founded about 2 years ago by Kristofer Dahl, and now has over 10000 videos!!!


Lessons On GMC

There are hundreds of lessons from over forty instructors on GMC. Each lesson contains several videos to break down the lesson so students can learn the parts seperately. Every lesson has one preview video which is always free that shows what the lesson is about. Lessons are catagorized by skill level, genre, and which instructor teachs it.


There are 46 instructors on GMC and many more coming all the time. Instructors come from all over the world and they all specialize on different techniques. Instructors also give 1-0n-1 help to GMC:ers on the forums and are always willing to help.

GMC Forums

The forums on GMC is a place to talk to other guitarists. There are several sections to the forum such as; -Lesson Related

-Introduce Yourself!

-Ask an Instructor


-And much more!!

GMC Chat

GMC also has a chatroom where you can talk to any member in the room at the time. You dont need to have any topic here, you can talk about whatever you like, and do whatever random stuff you want.