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When writing articles in GuitarWiki, we would really appreciate if you used one of the templates found on this page. There are templates for different types of articles, portals (only used by moderators), and other pages.

To use a template, include the following text at the top of your empty page, then save the page.

{{subst:Guitar_Wiki:<Template Name>}}

When you re-edit the page, all the content from the template will have been copied over to your page for you.

For example, to use the General Article Template you would use:

{{subst:Guitar_Wiki:General Article Template}}


General Article Template - This template should be used for most articles. It's a standard template that can be modified as needed.

Short Article Template - This is a very simple template for shorter articles.

Gear Review Template - Use this for gear reviews.

Album Review Template - Use this for album reviews.

Portal Template - This template is for the portals. It is only used by moderators.