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Guitar Capo
Guitar Capo

Whether you are a professional guitar player at the gig or just someone who has newly begun taking lessons in guitar as a hobby, you must need to buy a number of guitar accessories every now and then to keep your guitar in top condition and flaunt it in style. The very mention of guitar accessories brings to your mind things like guitar strings, pickguards, gig bags, guitar picks and pickups and other guitar related stuff. While most people may be aware what these things are, they may not know when the right time to replace them is or what they should bear in mind while buying them. Read on to get acquainted with the various guitar accessories that are available today.


Guitar Strings

You may hum a melodious song in your mind, but to actually play it on your guitar you would need good quality strings. No matter what type of guitar you use - electric, acoustic, or classical, you can find the right kind of guitar strings for your guitar. The gauge and construction typically varies as per the type of music you play and the guitar.

For instance, electric guitar strings are usually made from nickel while their acoustic counterparts are made from bronze material. Higher octave strings are bound to be solid while the lower octave ones are wound and pretty thick. GHS, D’Addario, and Ernie Ball are brands to consider for buying strings though majority of guitar manufacturers produce their own strings.

Guitar Pickups

As you excel in your guitar playing skills, you need to be more particular about the kind of guitar pickups you use. New versions and designs of guitar pickups keep coming up and you need to know the pros and cons of each one before choosing them. Single coil pickups are susceptible to hum though are believed to produce a cleaner tone.

On the other hand, Humbuckers, which are two single coil pickups wired together, are less susceptible to hum and give a better output. Piezo pickups would be your best bet if you were looking for something for your acoustic or acoustic-electric guitars to capture and pass on string vibrations to an amplifier. Whether you want to upgrade or simply replace pickups, you may consider brands like EMG, DiMarzio, Seymour, and Duncan.

Guitar Tuners

No matter how good you are at playing a guitar, it would be of no use if it’s out of tune. Since tuning a guitar is so important and not everyone would know how to tune it, some amps now come with built in tuners. However, if you have one without this feature, then you may go for one of the electronic guitar tuners that are readily available everywhere at affordable prices.

Apart from the tuner, the unit may also contain an instrument line in jack and an external microphone – a combination that allows you to fix the pitch of acoustic as well as electric instruments. Depending on the type of guitar tuner you choose, the tuner may come with an analog display or an LCD display. Your consideration while buying this accessory should be your budget and of course style since virtually all tuners are accurate.

Guitar Capos

Capos are an inexpensive way of changing the tuning of your guitar while switching from one genre of music to another. Guitar capos are a must-have for the song writing musician. From rubber and metal to sheer wood, guitar capos can be made from a wide range of materials. Color and cost would perhaps be the considerations of must buyers since they are all very good. Some capos may be a little easier to grip and remove as compared to others and you as a buyer should factor in these things before buying them.

Guitar Pickguards

Like all other things, guitars also suffer from the usual wear and tear. Pickguards are fitted on virtually all types of guitars to protect the finish on the body from scratches. Over the years, pickguards have assumed a whole new role of accentuating the looks of the guitar. With the trend of personalizing guitars increasing by the day, it is now possible to customize your pickguards. So, get these lightweight, plastic pickguards today and give a facelift to your guitar.

Guitar Picks

Some guitarists prefer to use their nails or fingers to pluck the strings while other may want to use a guitar pick. Guitar picks come with a huge range of sizes, shapes, gauges, and colors and are made from just about anything ranging from wood to plastic and metal. A light to medium gauge guitar pick works best for electric guitar players while the heavier ones are more appropriate for acoustic guitar players. Sky is the limit when it comes to shopping for your guitar picks. So, pick a small pack of picks especially if you are trying a different brand or gauge to make sure that they are good enough.

Guitar cases and gig bags

Both guitar cases and gig bags protect you guitar and make it easier for you to take it around wherever you go. The only difference between the two is that guitar cases have a hard shell while gig bags are made of soft and pliable material. Choosing between the two of them would greatly depend on individual choice since both come with their own pros and cons.

Guitar cases have always been a popular option though many now prefer to use gig bags since they are amazingly light and offer adequate padding for maximum protection. Manufacturers usually sell guitars with a case or a gig bag, but if you haven’t got one then you may also buy it online. Guitar cases may come with all kinds of pockets to give you extra storage space and may be available in crazy shapes to give it a ‘funky’ look. You may also consider buying a guitar tool kit so that you can carry everything you need wherever you go.

So, go shopping for your guitar accessories and flaunt them in style! While doing so, don’t forget to compare prices online to strike a good deal.