Guitar teacher

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A guitar student practicing
A guitar student practicing
A guitar teacher is a person teaching a student how to play guitar. A guitar teacher can be an experienced musician and/or someone with education in music. Regardless of the background of the guitar teacher, his or her most important role is to inspire the student and make them interested in the instrument. The teacher's job is to help the student develop his or her skills, and learn new things. So it is not enough for a guitar teacher to be a very skilled musician, or to know all music theory, scales, techniques, instruments etc. A good guitar teacher must also have the ability to inspire and motivate the students, make them want to learn all those things that seem difficult.


Guitar teachers in schools

Traditionally, guitar teachers are located in the school system as an incorporated part of general music courses. Guitar education is then given little space for the benefit of music theory and other instruments. Those teachers are rather music teachers than guitar teachers. Guitar teachers are also located in the music education system. Either in private music schools offering evening course in guitar playing, or as teachers of higher musical education on universities.

Guitar teachers in schools often teach larger groups of students, or ensembles.

Guitar instructors

Guitar instructors are usually more specialised on specific areas than guitar teachers in schools. While guitar teachers often have a syllabus to follow to provide their students with a broad education, the guitar instructor can go deeper into one specific music style or genre that the student finds more interesting.

The guitar instructor commonly holds 1o1 lessons, with only one student at a time.

Guitar instructors on Internet

It is getting more common for guitar instructors to film instruction videos and provide them on the Internet. This is an effective way for the instructor to reach a large number of students, and for the students to have a greater choice of instructors and lessons.

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