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Gus (Gustavo Costa)
Gus (Gustavo Costa)


Student Instructor

Name: Gus (Gustavo Costa)

Location: Made in Brazil. Living in Aalborg, Denmark

Date of Birth: 04/02/1982

Been playing guitar since: acoustic (rhythm) since 8 years old, electric/lead since 2006


When I look back I just wished I had dedicated more time of my life to guitar. I just love playing it. I started and stopped playing guitar several times in my life. Unfortunately, I was lazy to practice and played basically chords. At 16 I made my first attempt on lead and electric guitar. Poor instruction killed all my motivation. In 3 months, instead of learning it, I got convinced I had no talent for it. I just wish GMC existed at that time!

3 years ago me and some close friends decided to form a band (named Rotação 355) and then I started learning electric guitar and lead. I studied for 1 year and a half in GTR, a very nice music school in Brazil specialized in teaching guitar. There I could see the difference good instruction makes. Even with little practice, as I was working too much, I improved a lot. After moving to Denmark, I started practicing much more, but I had no instruction anymore. And then I found GMC!!! All my problems were solved after that! I specially enjoy the collabs.

My current target with guitar is simply going pro. Now I know what it takes and what I can do. I have another career already (as researcher in mobile communication, currently applying for a PhD), but this time guitar playing came to stay in my life.

Influences and Playing

I am not mindset about musical style, though at home I usually listen more to all sort of rock than other styles. I really appreciate musical ideas, but also love inspiring lyrics. This makes my favorites bands to be two brazilian ones: Engenheiros do Hawaii and Legião Urbana. In my humble view, they have lyrics unparalleled by any other bands I know. A few other bands I like a lot: Guns n Roses, Led Zeppelin, U2, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Barão Vermelho, Capital Inicial, Pearl Jam, Red Hot , Dire Straits, Evanescence. Nirvana, ... Well the list goes on and forever and hopefully will grow every day... Some of my favorite guitarists are Jimmy Page, Slash, Kirk Hammett, Augusto Licks (brazilian guitarist of the golden era of Engenheiros do Hawaii), Joe Satriani, Gus G, David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler

List of lessons

1. Smooth And Sweet Or Fast And Furious? Why Not Both?, A Phrygian Dominant "10 lessons in 1"
This lesson covers all these different aspects:
01 - Vibrato
02 - Bending
03 - Pentatonic licks
04 - Changing the mode
05 - Fast pull off
06 - Wild Pinky(little finger)
07 - Pick tapping mixed with normal legato
08 - Staccato
09 - Bridge
10 - Tremolo picking