Guthrie Govan - Erotic Cakes Review

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Guthrie Govan - Erotic Cakes
Guthrie Govan - Erotic Cakes


General Information

Original Author: Patrik Jezierski

Artist: Guthrie Govan

Album: Erotic Cakes

Genre: ???


Just recently bought Guthrie Govans Solo album "Erotic Cakes", and MAN, this record kicks butt!

Guys! I can't help myself. I'm going to start this review at the end First of all I guess almost every one of you have a PayPal acount, if not, open one now!

A few days later the CD will come through your door and you'll stick it in your player and be in "six string heaven", guaranteed!

As many of you proboably already know, Guthrie Govan was the winner of "Guitarist Of The Year 1993". He went on and became one of the "guitar teachers" in the Lick Library DVDs and also one of the transcribers in "Guitar Techniques".

"Erotic Cakes' is a listening and inspirational jewel. Guthrie's exquisite playing will undoubtedly become the bench mark for Guitar. Equally Seth Govan and Pete Riley have raised the bar with their Bass and drum virtuosity. The performances here are truly amazing. The one thing that will separate this recording from the mainstream is the musicality of the song writing and the production".


Here's a some statements from other well known guitarists:

Joe Satriani: "Totally freakin awesome!!! this CD put a grin on my face a mile wide."

Bumblefoot, a.k.a. Ron Thal: "I've known Guthrie since the days before email, when we'd write each other trading riffs. In the past years, we'd have long jams at NAMM conventions in California, and gigged together in the UK. And for all these years, I, and the rest of the world-wide guitar community have harassed him incessantly to please please release a full-length CD. Well, he's done it, and it's inspiring and mind-blowing and beautiful, as expected. Guthrie is the most-talented guitarist I've ever known,a great friend, and I'm honored to have contributed to his album. Thank you Guthrie, for the wonderful music and all you are." (Guest solo from Ron on "Rhode Island Shred")

Richie Kotzen: "Guthrie Govan can do anything he wants as a guitarist. He has total command over the instrument; I love to watch Guthrie live as he always plays something new that the rest of us would never have thought of. He is truly a gifted musician and I am honored to be a part of Guthrie's 1st album". (Guest solo from Richie on "Ner Ner")

Greg Howe: "Guthrie is a brilliant guitarist whose super high level of proficiency does not seem to be limited to any one particular genre or style".

Dweezil Zappa: "Every time I hear Guthrie play I feel like I have to fasten my seatbelt. He is an alien. His technique and execution is staggering. Ultimately what is most impressive about him is his musicality. He has total freedom on guitar... BASTARD!"


1: "The album opens with "Waves". A glorious strident motif reminiscent of a synth like pattern forms the framework for Guthrie to "fly" around his fretboard. There is gorgeous inventive phrasing and his soloing is a true joy to hear. Inspiring stuff.

2: "Erotic Cakes" is up next. It has a muscular picked riff and dizzy and hypnotizing rhythms abound. It has quirky "robot" solo which raises a smile. Overall the track has a demonic fusion vibe to it.

3: "Wonderful Slippery Thing" has its origins back in 1993 when Guthrie submitted it as his entry for the "Guitarist Of The Year" competition. It has a lovely melody and has some great "jazzy" moments. It's a great track and has some superb controlled playing as well as some sensational technical phrases.

4: "Ner Ner" is a nice fat slab of modern day guitar playing. Guthrie explains that the main melody is a tip of the hat to the playground phrase Ner,Ner Ne-Ner Ner. Once you hear it you'll understand it straightaway. There is a classical style break in the middle and also a very tasty and super spicy solo from guest guitarist Ritchie Kotzen (Poison, Mr. Big). There is a cool chill out solo towards the end of the track which really hits the spot and builds delightfully to a" wig out" solo. In fact it's just one wonderful solo after the other to the end and the whole vibe feels like a power trio having the time of their life.

5: " Fives" has a fantastic rhythm at its bedrock. It revolves around chordal stabs on the first, third and fourth beats of a five beat bar. It gives the listener the sensation of movement in a way that I've rarely encountered before. There are solo's of many styles in this song and each segment makes on feel as if one is looking out of the window of a train seeing the landscape pass by in the shape and form of notes. Hear the song and you'll understand within a few listens what I'm trying to describe. Guthrie's inspiration for this song came from listening to a couple of birds singing in the park (feathered ones!). Nothing rocks like "Mother Nature".

6: "Unkle Skunk" is a track which ambles along. It has sunny disposition and Guthrie demonstrates the wonders of the Whammy Pedal in a musical way that many artists who also use this pedal have never quite achieved. It has chirpy vibe with a little nod of the head to Steve Vai in Guthrie's choice of harmonies.

7: "Sevens" is a tasty track with wonderfully placed pinched harmonics to add zing and super slithery, extended legato tapped runs. It's a delight and Guthrie shows his technique is top of the pile. At 3.03 the track blasts wide open and Guthrie rocks out in a sort of Nuno meets Greg Howe sort of vibe.

8: "Eric" is dedicated to the memory of Eric Roche a guitarist who is missed greatly in the guitar community. In this track melody is king. It has a reflective quality and mood about it. The note choice and harmonies are at times beautiful. There is a delicate tapped/trilled pattern which is stunning in its delicacy. One feels Guthrie has put his heart and soul into this track. It is at times overwhelming in its beauty.

9: "Slidey Boy" is a fusion style workout. The main guitar themes are played on a nylon strung guitar and the vibe is George Benson on steroids. Note choice is spellbinding. It's funky and most definitely fun.

10: "Rhode Island Shred" is a country guitar hoe-down. It's up-tempo and very, very crazy. Sort of Albert Lee's "Country Boy" gone mad. Second guest soloist "Bumblefoot" (Guns n Roses) puts in one of his trademark mad as a hatter solos on this track. Great fun.

11: "Hangover". Guthrie captures the mood of the morning after the night before perfectly. The shuffling drums with precision timed beats give the impression of a dull headache. The guitars go up and down with an almost lurching quality. The song goes around in circles melodically and keeps one stuck in the "uncomfortable" zone. A deceptively clever and original track. Special mention must go to Seth Govan (bass) who trades crazy licks with Guthrie to the end of the song."

Final words

I think that this album shows Guthries best sides in music, He is an extraordinary guitar player and he really deserves great reviews. I'll give the album 10/10, no question about it at all.

Now, do as I did and many many others, support Guthrie and buy his album