Ibanez Rg2610e Review

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Ibanez Rg2610e
Ibanez Rg2610e



Original author: Sircraigery

Weapon: Electric Guitar

Make: Ibanez

Model: Rg2610e

Price: $1100 CDN + tax (case was included)


Ibanez RG2610E-BK Edge Pro locking tremolo system. Single bridge Humbucker: Seymour Duncan Full Shred TB-10 1 volume dial. No switches No tone dial

This guitar is mainly for 80’s metal/shredding.

Price paid and where it was bought

$1100 CDN + tax (case was included) Bought at Mother’s Music in Edmonton AB

Own experience

I have owned this guitar for a week, and have easily put 40 hours on it already. Maybe a bit early for a review, but I don’t see my opinions changing much at all. (I also put a few hours on it during the week before I took it home haha).

Own musical preference

Classic rock, 80’s metal, some blues (pretty much run of the mill for a guitar player at GMC I think).


EXCELLENT! This guitar is so beautiful. Little things make all the difference. - The ends of the frets are polished into a round smooth edge (check the pic) - The inlays are so awesome; the pictures don’t do them justice. They are metallic, so they reflect light kind of weird…sort of polished lead would. It really looks awesome.

The only thing I noticed, is the paint doesn’t completely cover the inside cavities for the neck bolts. Not a big deal though. That is the only thing negative about this entire unit that I have found.

The case it came in is so awesome too. I would expect to pay $200 for a case like this. Ibanez Prestige cases are the best, no question. It even has the long slot along the side where my pedals can fit (only 2, and you have to put them on their side). They fit in their tight, and I’m not worried about their knobs breaking or bending.

Ease of use

This guitar plays like a dream (being an Ibanez Prestige, I’m sure that’s not surprise to anyone at GMC). The setup couldn’t be easier for a floating tremolo system, and the marker on the side of the bridge is a cool idea to make things even easier for setup.

This axe plays incredibly fast compared to other guitars I have owned or even played for that matter. The neck makes hammer-ons and pull-offs so easy. And I like that fact that they sound defined and have good volume. It sounds just like you plucked the string with a pick.

The #1 thing that I like about this guitar? THE EDGE PRO BRIDGE STAYS IN TUNE!!! It’s unreal, I’ve checked the tune once with a tuner tonight since I set it up, and it’s still perfect tune. Also it’s lower, so I find it more ergonomic to play…therefore I play more consistently because I’m relaxed.

I honestly can’t find anything to say in order to critique the design. It plays fast, and I’m always comfortable when playing. It’s perfect.

Sound quality

Clean The simplest circuit is the cleanest. And guess what? This guitar sounds clean! Before owning this guitar I never used the tone knob(s), or the other pickup(s) too much. And I got to say, I don’t miss them much. In my eyes, I just let my amp control the sound. It’s got everything I need for that.


For rock/metal, there no surprises. It sounds awesome. Harmonics are GREAT. Sustain (which I was a little worried about before I tried it because of the floating bridge & bolt on neck combo)….is GREAT

Blues? It takes a bit of fiddling, but I can get a not bad blues tone if I just turn the volume down on the guitar so it’s barely on (like around 1), and turn my amp up.

If I were to add anything, it would be a neck pick-up though. Although like I say, I don’t miss those other features much at all.


Everything is extremely well built, and the guitar so far seems bullet proof.


Buying this guitar was sort of a gamble, but I already knew how much I loved it in the store. So I sold every guitar I had (without sentimental value) to buy it. I don’t regret it at all. I never thought spending the extra couple hundred would be worth it. I think the value here is amazing. I couldn’t have spent my money better.

My advice: Don’t try this guitar until you have the cash in hand…Or you’ll end up with some sort of nasty financing to get it out the door . Meaning- if you try it, you will love it, you will buy it.

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