Ibanez Sa120 Review

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Ibanez Sa120
Ibanez Sa120


General Information

Original Author: I WILL rock you

Brand: Ibanez

Model: SA120

Colors: Charcoal Brown or Black

Price: 250-350$

Purchased from: RMs music Sweden/blekinge/karlskrona


Hi all guitarfreaks!

Its kinda funny how I got my hands on this guitar, the day before i were planing to buy a Hagstrom Ultra swede i desided to go and try it one last time before i bought it. When i were playing it my buddy who works at the musicstore told me to check out the new black Ibanez that just come in. I picked it up, played it for a while and after that it was bye bye Hagstrom and Yo Yo Ibanez.


My first impression of this guitar was WOW! Its felted like someone just read my mind and created my dreamguitar. (Know its sounds werd that a 300 dollar guitar could be someones dream guitar) But i just cant find any flaws with it, the body is nice and slim and the neck feels like a oiled lightning (its true ). /10


The guitar was built in Indonesia it has 22 frets, top volume and tone controls, 5-way selector and floating bridge. /8


The guitar has a very good sound despite the price. With a good amp you can get a really good distortion with it. The clean sound is OK but i wouldn`t pick this guitar for a Jazz gig.. I play most 80`s rock and for that i think the guitar is perfect. /9


This guitar is really solid. If a professional guitarist were gonna play a gig somewere and his 1000-1500$ Ibanez RG modell of some sort were broken and then he saw the Ibanez SA120 lying somewere in a dusty corner i deffinently think he would play on the SA120. He wouldnt bring it home but he would have played the gig with it, thats how good it is (imo). /9