Impetigo - Horror Of The Zombies Review

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Impetigo - Horror Of The Zombies
Impetigo - Horror Of The Zombies


General Information

Original Author: VinceG

Artist: Impetigo

Album: Horror Of The Zombies

Genre: Death Metal/Gore Grind

Year Release: 1992 (Reissued in 2000 by Morbid Records and reissued once again by Razorback Records in 4/10/07)

Status: Split-Up. They reunited this June 2007 for the Illinois Metal Fest concert that was headlined by Exhumed

Album Review


Review: Impetigo is a classic Death Metal/Gore Grind band that reside from the Chicago area. This is there sophomore and last full length album before they disbanded. They have only been in the scene for a good five years but its nothing short of amazing. Too bad they never got around to making more albums but I guess they know when to stop when the ideas stop flowing.

When it comes to the music, these guys are pretty simple and straight forward. Songs that vary in lengths from 2 min to 8 min. Riffs are simple but its heavy. It reminds me a lot of Obituary style of riffs. Drums are presented as blast beats form and simple crust punk kinda stuff.


Lyrics are of gore related. Impetigo has it all from Zombies, Cannibal to Necrophilia. Vocal work are simple growling kinda stuff. A little pitch shifted but most is pure growling. Most of the songs here start of with a small movie sound clips of horror/gore movies and Grindhouse/Exploitation stuff.


Overall, if your into Death Metal or Grind, these guys should be in your collection. Record labels woudln't reissue there albums if they weren't any good. Oh yea, if you get the latest reissue, the album is full of colorful gore.


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