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As requested by our great Instructor Todd Simpson, we gather here some information regarging recording guitar & backing tracks using IOS devices (iPhone, iPad), a feature demanded by a growing amount of people these days.

Let's hear what Todd has to say first:

Todd here user posted image Your iphone should work fine user posted image

One way is probably to use GARAGE BAND on the iphone which costs $5 (five dollars U.S.) it will let you pull in the backing track, and record your track, then export your track only and export your track with the backing. Just mute the backing track when exporting to get a version with just your solo user posted image

Garage Band

You could also use the FREE APP called MTSR for iphone which does multi track recording for iphone user posted image Fewer features but FREE!!

Further info and original board discussion about this matter to be found HERE

Hope this helps ;)


Some extra input provided by GMCer Benetom:

Positive Grid JamUp/Bias, Audiobus and Garageband goes metal.

Amplitube guitar multieffect app.

ToneStack guitar multieffect app.

Mark Holcomb of Periphery on JamUp and BIAS by Positive Grid

Jordantron/SampleWiz + ToneStack FX recorded directly to Jammit Dream Theater cover