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The History of Jackson is not a long one and begins in Glendor California in the mid 70's with two men; Grover Jackson and Wayne Charvel. They ran a small shop called Charvel Guitar Repair. Through this shop Grover and Wayne made custom guitars known as Charvel. It was only when Randy Rhoads designed the Rhodes V that Grover descided to put his name on the guitar and start the Jackson Guitar company, he believed this model was too shocking to be part of the Charvel line of guitars. It was at this time around 1978 that Charvel lost interest and sold the name to Jackson. During the early 80's jackson merged with a company called IMC (international music corporation) and changed location. It was during this time that Jackson made guitars that largely resembled the Gibson Explorer ( Still have 1 version know as the Kelly) Jackson was sued successfully and was urged to change their guitar design. They designed the new guitars after older Charvel models but sleaker. Jackson guitars were made more for a hard rock and metal base keeping to its original customer base who were Rhodes fans. Today Jackson makes metal guitars which was well known for having fast necks and sleak designs. In 2002 Jackson Guitars was purchased by Fender and the Charvel production moved to Fender. Jackson continues to work under Fender today.


Jackson carries the following lines

The Randy Rhoads

The Vinnie Vincent Flying V,

The Soloist or Dinky.

The Kelly

The King V,

The DR,

Phil Collen's signature PC1

The Warrior,

The Kelly Star,

The Y2KV,

Jackson Professional Series

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Jackson Js30 King V

Merchandise Jackson has a line of Merchandise similar to many other guitar shops with the exception that Jenna Jamison can be found on much jackson Merchandise.

T-shirts, Hoodies, Stickers, Lighters,and Keychains

Genre/ Style

Jackson Guitars are well known for their sleak agreesive look and style. Fast necks and mean looking designs, Jacksons are preferred by Hard Rock and Metal musicians. Endorsed by many Thrash Metal guitarists and mid 80's Guitarists. The short necks on jacksons make them prime candidates for Beefy strings and Beefy sound \m/


Over the years Jackson has been endorsed by many huge names in metal and are now played by thousands. Some of the bigger names are: (some of these artists are no longer assosiated with Jackson)

Randy Rhodes--- Dave Mustaine--- karl Sanders--- Phil Collen--- Jason Becker--- Dan Spitz--- Scott Ian--- Marty Friedman--- Ralph Santolla--- Mark Morton--- James Root--- Trey Azgorthoth--- Jeff Hanneman--- Kirk Hammet--- Rusty Cooley--- Adrian Smith--- Galder--- Mark St John--- Pat Obrian--- John Campbell--- Dave Murray--- Jeff Loumise--- Buckethead (correct me if im wrong, Jackson claims he once used Jacksons)--- Zakk Wylde--- Matthew Tuck---

GMC Members or Instructors Put your name here if you use a Jackson Instructors bold yours

Smikey2006--- ZakkWylde Jackson King V--- skennington RX10D,DK2M--- swingline DK2M--- Jackson--- Albi88... Jackson PS4--- Larsya Jackson SL3---