Jackson Kelly JS32T Review

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Jackson Kelly JS32T
Jackson Kelly JS32T


Original author: Todd Simpson

Weapon: Guitar

Make: Jackson

Model: Kelly JS32T

Price: 200 USD


After playing this guitar for a while I can comfortably say the following. AVOID THIS GUITAR LIKE THE PLAGUE!

I was drawn in by its flashy good looks and brand name and incredible price! $200 U.S. I first saw it in Guitar Center here in Atlanta and thought it was a pricing mistake, but no! It was really that cheap! I bought it without even touching it. I got it home and plugged it in and that's where things started to go wrong. I plugged it in to my rig expecting hot, searing, Jackson Monster Tone! Sadly, I got limp, weak, buzzy, outright lame tone. The pickups in this thing are just crap.

The clean tone was no better. Thin, weak, no punch. Utterly just bad. Then having given up on the pickups, and figuring I could just put in EMG's and still have a great axe for cheap! Sadly again no.

The action on the guitar was just terrible. I thought it just needed a setup and I proceeded to give it one. I whipped out my tools, adjusted the truss rod and bridge, tried to get the intonations roughly right (nearly impossible) and re-tightened the strings. To my dismay, the guitar played no better after the setup and I started noticing that the frets, actually extended off of the neck. Yes, that's right, as you run your hand along the neck, the misaligned metal frets actually poke in to your hand. As a result, some of the notes on the low strings buzz quite a bit as the fret is seated a bit far south.


So to conclude. I hate to say it but this guitar is crap. If you bought one of these and yours is amazing, please take no offense at this review. It's just one guitar and one guy's opinion. Maybe I got a bad one? I certainly hope so.