Jackson Kelly Review

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Jackson Kelly
Jackson Kelly



Original author: TreyDeschamp

Weapon: Electric Guitar

Make: Jackson

Model: Kelly

Price: The price of this guitar ranges from $500.00 to $2,500.00

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Body: Alder Neck: Bolt-On Maple Neck Dimensions: 1st Fret: .775", 12th Fret: .910" Tuning Machines: Die-Cast Tuners Fingerboard: Rosewood Frets: 24 Jumbo Frets Bridge Pickup: Jackson CVR2 Humbucking Pickup Neck Pickup: Jackson CVR2 Humbucking Pickup Controls: Master Volume, Master Tone Bridge: JT390 Adjustable Bridge with Strings-Through-Body 3-Position Blade pickups switching: Position 1. Bridge Pickup Position 2. Bridge and Neck Pickups Position 3. Neck Pickup Hardware: Chrome

The first time I ever saw this guitar was at my Dad's house. He had one before he gave it to me. It has a nice clean sound. I would think the guitar is mainly a guitar made for Metal.


Guitarists that play Jackson Kelly's and Jackson guitars in general:

Matt Tuck- Bullet for My Valentine
Chris Peterson- Cellador
Rob Cavestany- Death Angel
Phil Collen and Rick Savage- Def Leppard
Adrian Smith- Iron Maiden
Mile- Kreator
Chris Sanders- Lizzy Borden
Karl Sanders- Nile
Zakk Wylde- Ozzy Osbourn
and many many more

A Little Bit of History

The Jackson Kelly was originally made for the Austrailian heavy metal band Heaven's guitarist Brad Kelly. The Kelly's distinct body shape puts the neck further out than other guitars making it very easy to play high notes. The neck of the Kelly is probably the thinnest of all Jackson guitars. Marty Friedman(Megadeth) and Adam Darski(Behemoth) both used to play the Jackson Kelly but switched respectfully over to Ibanez and ESP guitars. Marty Friedman's model(KE1) was discontinued when he parted with Jackson guitars.

My Rating

If I had to rate this guitar on a scale of 1-10 I would have to say 8.5 or 9. It's such a great guitar and for any metal fan, just by looking at this guitar it gives you the inspiration that you want and need to play the guitar. It's fairly light which I like about it and the neck feels really good(at least to me) in my hands which is a big plus.

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