Jackson SLSMG Review

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Jackson SLSMG
Jackson SLSMG



Original author: Trond Vold

Weapon: Electric Guitar

Make: Jackson

Model: SLSMG

Price: $999


Body: mahogany with carved top
Neck: neck thru body mahogany with scarf joint headstock
Neck dimensions: 3rd fret: .735", 12th fret: .810"
Tuning machines: sealed die-cast tuners
Fingerboard: ebony
Frets: 24 jumbo frets
Bridge pickup: EMG 81
Neck pickup: EMG 85
Controls: master volume, master tone
Bridge: JT390 adjustable with strings-thru-body
3-position blade pickups switching:
Position 1. Bridge pickup
Position 2. Middle pickup
Position 3. Neck pickup
Hardware: black
Scale length: 25.5"
Width at nut: 1-11/16"
MOTO piranha tooth position inlays
Ivoroid binding on neck and headstock

About the purchase

I was originally going for a 7 string, but couldnt find one that appealed to me.
While looking around for a 7 string, i came across the SLSMG and i just loved the look and specs of it, so i just decided to order one.


The list price is around 999$, but i got a 100$ discount from the store because of a small scrape on the finish behind the headstock. But you cant really really see it unless i point it out.

I would say 999$ is dirt-cheap for a guitar like this, it sounds and plays absolutely amazing.


It's SLIM! One of the thinnest and lighest guitars i've tried. Took a while to get used to, but now even the Ibanez feel chunky and heavy.

One thing i wasnt to thrilled about was the placement of the volume knob. At first i kept bumping into it while playing, but this is also something you get used to. It actually helped me develop a more precice technique.
8/10 (2 point deduction for the time spent getting used to it)


It sounds absolutely kick-ass, especially for metal. But it can be used for more than just metal.
The combination of the EMG85 and the mahogny body can deliver some really nice warm clean sounds.
And the neck-through-body design gives an awesome sustain. That it has a string-through-body bridge doesnt hurt the sound either

I was a bit worried about the lack of weight and mass affecting sound, but it didnt.

One thing it's not good for, is that bright country-sound. But i didnt expect that either.


It's compact and robust, and even though it's very light it doesnt feel fragile. I've heard rumours about the finish chipping easily, but so far i havent bumped it into anything or dropped it.

I've had some issues with the volume knob making noise, but a little DeOxit fixed that.


I absolutely love this guitar. Cant praise it or recommend it enough. But if you prefer heavier guitars, like Les Pauls, then it might not be the right choice.