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Jad Diab
Jad Diab



Hey GMCers,
My name is Jad,I'm Lebanese and I live in Paris, France. I'm 20 years old and I'm in the second year of geology in the university of Paris (Université Pierre et Marie Curie). I've been playing guitar for about 4 years (actually i'm going to be 20 this friday, on 25 April, so I wish myself a happy birthday and i think i'm going to have a POD X3 YEAH:P ). I don't think that the number of years is really important though, what counts, is the number of hours I've spent on my guitar, and I never force myself playing, I just love too.

You can skip this paragraph if you want user posted image
When I first start playing guitar, I was stuck in one kind of music (wich I like very much), i always listened to heavy metal and hard rock bands, but playing guitar introduced me to a lot of other styles like blues, jazz, funk, fusion,ect ....
I had 5 bands, but now i'm alone, I've tried to convince my twin brother to play bass, so we can form a band together, but it's quite difficult, and I don't want to force him. So I also learned how to play bass and drum, and now I am my own band (even if I prefer having one with cool people, cause I love contact with musicians).

The lesson

OK, enough talking about me, let's focus on our lesson. the main goal of my lesson is to show you how you can use the major scale. so you're going to find 2 modes in this lesson, the ionian mode (major scale) and the lydian mode (same as the major scale with a sharp forth instead of perfect forth). You might also find some out notes, even in major scales i like to use 3m and 6m from time to time, so remember that scales are just theory, but when you play music you can do whatever you want to do if it sounds cool user posted image


I would also like to add that this lesson contains some fast alternate picking, what i like about them is that they are in a clean sound, practice them slowly in order to play them wright. (playing fast alternate picking with clean sound is better than with distorsion because it lets you focus on the notes you hit in order to see if you're playing too fast for yourself. Practice slowly and then accelerate, it's essential if you want to progress

Chord Progression :


This chord progression works perfectly with the G mixolydian mode because of the B7, notice that i didn't use too much notes when this chord is played, that's why using lydian and ionian sounds good, anyway that's not important, what's important is that it sounds good, at least for me user posted image . If you need more informations, check out Andrew's Lesson : Modal Chord Progressions.

Main Video

Main Video: main_video.wmv ( 20.99MB)

This solo is dedicated to Julie (my girlfriend), she's always encouraged me and she was my source of inspiration when writing it. Special thanks also to my brother, for helping me working on Vegas movie maker and I hope you'll start taking bass for serious.

Part 1

Part 1 Vid: 1_un.wmv ( 11.66MB )


The first part of each lick is a repetitive rythm in order to create a melody that people will remember. As you can notice, i'm using the ionian mode (on the last note of the second lick, i'm using a 3m, it makes the melody a little bit less 'happy', you can train your ear by trying to figure out where are the minor notes)

Part 2

Part 2 Vid: 2_deux.wmv ( 8.91MB )


This lick starts with a sweeping to create a little tense, and we're also changing mode, we're now using the Lydian mode, it's quite difficult to hear it since there's only one note that differ (the forth is sharpen) but the lydian mode have a lost and mysterious feeling

Part 3

3_trois.wmv ( 11.54MB )


Alright, so we're still in the lydian mode and that's a fast alternate picking lick, remember, practice it SLOWLY user posted image (unless you've already mastered the alternate picking technique, then you can play it fast user posted image ).

Part 4

Part 4: 4_quatre.wmv ( 14.13MB )


Now we're back to the ionian mode, and that's another fast alternate picking.

Part 5

Part 5: 5_cinq.wmv ( 17.13MB )


This lick is full contains a sweeping and a some hammer ons, it create a fluid sound. At the end i'm using a harmonic on the high E string, but you can also replace it by a 'normal' E.

Part 6

Part 6: 6_six.wmv ( 16.13MB )


On the second part of this lick, we're kinda using the pentatonic box (2nd position) of E minor (same as 1st position for G major) and we're adding to it the ionian notes (because the major pentatonic notes are all in the ionian mode).

Part 7

Part 7: 7_sept.wmv ( 9.82MB )


That's another fast lick, so don't forget to practice it slowly, i've added a lot of backing track, the main video is on 105 bpm, but i've added some faster backing tracks so those who have advanced level could practice those fast runs faster (even if the solo is much better at 105 bpm than at 120 bpm, sometimes too much speed kills the songs melody).

Backing tracks & GP Tracks

Backing_Track_75_bpm.mp3 ( 1.71MB )

Backing_Track_80_bpm.mp3 ( 1.6MB )

Backing_Track_85_bpm.mp3 ( 1.51MB )

Backing_Track_90_bpm.mp3 ( 1.43MB )

Backing_Track_95_bpm.mp3 ( 1.36MB )

Backing_Track_100_bpm.mp3 ( 1.29MB )

Backing_Track_105_bpm__main_.mp3 ( 1.23MB )

Backing_Track_110_bpm.mp3 ( 1.18MB )

Backing_Track_115_bpm.mp3 ( 1.13MB )

Backing_Track_120_bpm.mp3 ( 1.09MB )

Guitar Pro 5 : Clean_and_Happy.gp5 ( 7K ) Number of downloads: 183

Gear Used

Ibanez RG prestige 1570 MRB with EMG 81/S/85 pickups
Marshall 100MGDFX
Dunlop Jazz III Picks
Cubase SX 3.0
FL Studio 5.0
Vegas Movie Maker 8.0