Journal 2008-12-18 Smells entry at Guitar Idol 2009

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Chris Evans Guitar Idol Entry
Chris Evans Guitar Idol Entry

Smells entry at Guitar Idol 2009

GMC Senior Chris Evans (aka Smells) has recently entered Guitar Idol 2009 competition with a mind blowing track!. In his own words:

"This is a track made up of two tracks that where written many years ago and revamped for the competition, “with wings” makes the basis of the verses and “Let it go” makes the chorus. With wings was already an instrumental, very slow, so I`ve up tempo`ed it here, Let it go was an original song that I did with a band that I was in some 15 odd years ago, the band has recently reformed and we`re looking to gig from early 2009! I`ve incorporated lots of techniques and tried to keep on the side of “melodic” as much as possible, mixed in with some shred of course user posted image I hoep you like it, thank you for watching!"

Watch it here: With wings let it go

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