Journal 2008-12-20 Santa Claus is coming to town GMC Cover

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Santa Claus is coming to town GMC Cover

GMC:ers Uncleskillet, Trond (Instructor) And Smells have joined forces to bring us an amazing Christmas present: a mind blowing Santa Claus is Coming to Town version which you just have to hear for yourself.

In words of UncleSkillet:
"Hello to everyone here at GMC. All around the world this time of year we all celebrate something and for me here in the USA it is Christmas. It’s supposed to bring out the best in everyone and create a sense of good will, sharing and giving between other. Unfortunately I have seen this holiday bring out the worst in some as well.

Several weeks ago I started with an idea working with Steve (skennington) and it has made a dream of mine come true. I think I can speak for everyone whom participated in the creation of this song when I say we believe this conveys what the Xmas spirit is all about. How people, all of use on completely different side of the world can come together musically and create something like this with the intent of good will is a very humbling experience to say the least.

It was truly a blast working with you guys on this project and thank you for all your help.

The piece we put together is an Xmas cover recorded by Dokken called “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”. So we should probably thank them first for the great tune and ask that you please not sue use.

Credit and thanks go to:

Steve (skennington) – Steve’s playing isn’t in the song but his spirit is through my playing. Thanks for your friendship and motivating me to do this.

Trond – Drums, Bass, Ending solo and final mixing. You got mad ninja skills brother.

Smells – Vocals and the acoustic part in the middle. I new you could pull this off. I think you may of even surprised yourself little buddy.

UncleSkillet – Rhythm guitar and main solo in the middle.

Enjoy it everyone and have a Merry Christmas."

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