Journal 2008-12-25 GMC Shredcast 1

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GMC Shredcast - Episode 1

Just when you think things can't get better, Andrew Cockburn delivers GMC Shredcast #1. And I wonder how could an amazing community such as GMC have gone so far without coming up with such a great idea!

In this very first episode of Shredcast you'll hear about:

- ShredCast intro and explanation
- Forum Stats
- Gear Update
- Virtual Band Update
- MTP Update
- Interview with Kristofer Dahl
- Student Instructor Update
- Guitar Idol 2009 Entries
- Bonus GMC Christmas track but Uncle Skillet, Trond, Skennington and Smells

So don't wait any longer, go ahead and grab the inaugural Shredcast episode HERE!

Forum Thread HERE