Journal 2009-01-08 The MTP keeps rolling

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GMC Mentored Training Program (MTP) Latest News!

The MTP gets more interesting every day!

After a few months long pilot program involving several beginner and intermediate students, the full fledged MTP is now around the corner.

Now the final pilot MTP stage has just started with a selection of intermediate GMC:ers who have just started mentoring a bunch of lucky beginners. These are the first mentor-student matchups:

1. AJMurrel - Bondy
2. UncleSkillet - Skennington
3. FatB0t - SonOfDestiny
4. Enforcer - jer
5. Coffeeman - Big Harry
6. Wrk - Organized Confusion
7. lcsdds - Jesse
8. Tolek - Valentino
9. Vaialation - Joruus
10. Velvet Roger - Preatorian

And HERE you can find the beginner syllabus they are about to follow.

After a month trial, the best intermediate mentor will be instructed by our great GMC Instructor Muris Varajic, and then the full fledged MTP will start rolling!

You can check the latest news at the new MTP Forum