Journal 2009-01-09 New Community Tab in lessons

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New Community Tab
New Community Tab

Community Tab in our lessons

Since a few months ago our lesson video player has increased in size and the lesson page has got new tabs to make finding similar lessons easier, as well as share our favourite lessons with friends and even take our notes, etc.

Latest addition to these cool tabs is the much needed Community Tab, which should bring even more life to both our great forums and Wiki.

Click on the Community Tab and GMC's smart engine will show you interesting forum threads regarding the lesson, and also any wiki article related. It even has a Create Wiki link in case it didn't exist yet!

And that's not all, we leave the best for the end: just as you can do in youtube when you watch a video now you can add a video response to your favourite lessons!, post your own takes, ask your doubts or even show the solo you just improvised over GMC backings... possibilities are endless.

Talk about it in the Forum Thread

The new Community Tab