Journal 2009-01-28 New Ballad Collab Finished

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Santiago Díaz
Santiago Díaz

New Ballad Collab Finished

Santiago Díaz Garcés latest collaboration has just seen the light, "Ballad Composition Collab".

On this one four members worked their composing skills rather than improvisations/solos over a two part structure with phrase & chorus. The idea is to come up with two different melodies in the key of A and D.

Part A (phrase)
A | C#m | Bm | E7sus E7 | A | F#m | Bm D | C#m E ||

Part 2 (chorus)
D | C#m7b5 A | D | Bm F#m | G | A | D | G G#m7b5 ||

You can hear the final mix here, and even get the original backing and try your own ideas.