Journal 2009-02-05 MTP Competition Results

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Praetorian, mentored by Velvet
Praetorian, mentored by Velvet

MTP Competition Results

After lots of practicing and mentoring hours our selected Intermediate members face the final stage of the MTP roll-out project!, only five of them will be selected and the prize is remarkable! Who will they be?, well, here's the answer ;)

Big congrats to: Uncleskillet- Lcsdds- Tolek - AJMurrell & Velvet Roger

Congratulations guys, the awesome prize of being mentored by Muris awaits you!

As for the finalists who didn't make it (Fatbot, Enforcer, Coffeeman, wrk & Vaialation1232), there's good news for them too: a free pass to the second round in the next MTP competition!

Congratulations again to everyone!