Journal 2009-02-24 MTP Pairings ready

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Valentino at the MTP
Valentino at the MTP

MTP Pairings ready

The MTP keeps growing strong and more people are getting involved as time goes by!. After our lucky five intermediates got selected to be mentored by Muris Varajic, now they have their own list of mentorees to take care of!

The groupings are as follows:

AJMurrell: Bondy, Koopid, Justinboy, Hammerhead
Velvet Roger: Praetorian, Superize, Barenaked Ninja, Complete Newbie
Lcsdds: Jesse, Opeth.db, Kaznie.NL, Marek Rojewski
Uncleskillet: Skennington, Boson, Mrblomme, glengraf88
Tolek: Valentino, Toroso, Dreamcatcher

If you are interested in taking part in the MTP don't miss the MTP Forum