Journal 2009-03-01 New MTP Pairings

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MTP March 2010
MTP March 2010

New MTP Pairings

Community Coordinator Chris Evans has just announced the new members that will take part on GMC's Mentored Training Program.

These members will be mentored individually by an Instructor for three months starting now. These are the Instructors and the members that they will be mentoring until the end of May:

Emir Hot (3 students)
Grindguer, Gus, rhoads

Ivan Milenkovic (5 students)
Fusar, earman, Kaznie_NL, Kristian Hyvarinen, Sensible Jones

Lian Gerbino (1 student)

Ramiro Delforte (1 student)
Tomas Santa Clara

Adrian Figallo (1 student)

Pedja Simovic (4 students)
stratman79, Loundzilla, Staffy, iamblackmo