Journal 2009-06-30 Hard Rock collab farewells June

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GMC Instructor Santiago Díaz
GMC Instructor Santiago Díaz

Hard Rock collab farewells June

One last collab has just appeared to farewell June! Santiago Díaz's Hard Rock Collab is ready and sounds pretty well. The idea was to create hard rock solos based on the C major scale and combine them with the relative pentatonic, Am.

12 participants took part in the collab, playing over the following backing. Here are the details:

The chord progression used was:

Part 1:
||: Dm | C | Am | G | Dm | C | Am. | G FC :|| G FG :||

Part 2:
||: Am F | G | Am F | G | Am F | G | Am F | Em :||

Tempo: 120bpm
Key: C Major
Time Signature: 4/4

You can listen to the final mix here