Journal 2009-07-23 A couple great collabs from our members

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Santiago Díaz Garcés
Santiago Díaz Garcés

A couple great collabs from our members

Summer timeeee!...
... and the livin' is easy!

Yes, it's sunny & hot, yet our members are ready to wield their axes and share a few licks with us with two shiny new collabs!

  • Low Down - B Dorian Collab. Five members joined instructor Joe kataldo, who led & mixed this B minor Pentatonic - B Dorian based collab. Check the final mix here or jump in and jam along the backing yourself!
  • Dream Theater Collaboration. GMC Instructor Santiago Díaz strikes back with a new "in the style of" collab based on a great band this time, Dream Theater. A cool backing in the key of G served five brave members who came up with this rocking final mix