Journal 2009-08-07 Guitar Master Competition Winners

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Guitar Master Competition Winners

Over the past month one of the greatests competitions in GMC history has taken place! Guitar Master just turned out to be an extremely popular contest in which many of our members showcased their skills & composing aptitudes.

But everything good comes to an end; competition & voting is over and the winners have been announced. From The GMC Journal we'd like to send a Big Congrats to these three mighty members:

1st Place: SIGGUM
Prize: VOX Tonelab ST

2nd Place: Kaznie_NL
Prize: BOSS DS-1

3rd Place: Staffy
Prize: Electro Harmonix LPB-1

Watch 1st place winner's take here:

Download all participants takes (winners included) here

We make these congratulations extensible to each and every one of the contest participants, as all of them made a great effort touching our hearts or making us head-bang with their tunes. Keep those creations coming in our Uploads Forum!