Journal 2009-08-11 Ultimate GMC Band

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Ultimate GMC Band

A new virtual band is forming at GMC, but this one is somewhat special. It's no regular band... we are talking about the Ultimate GMC Band!

So, what's the catch? Well, first of all it will be led by instructor Jose Mena and it will try to simulate a true live setting. Only the best at GMC will be selected, so... Are You Ready?

Check this if you wish to sign up!

Let's hear what Virtual Bands coordinator Skennington has to say about it:

Can YOU make the cut?

To All,

I'm very pleased to introduce a new program here at GMC and if all goes well, we will for sure expand it.

Now, to explain in a bit more detail, the idea is to create a Live Virtual Band with all that involves a true live setting.

The band will be Instructor led by our very own Jose Mena. He will be looking for the best of the best and if chosen, he will require the utmost dedication on your part.

Please understand going in that only the best will be considered so be prepared to accept rejection as this is part of a live audition. So, will YOU make the cut?

Auditions will be held for guitar, keys, vocals and bass. Each will be judged by Jose and picked at his discretion.

He will have his own judging criteria and may even include some process of elimination, that will be up to him.

Once chosen, this is when the real work begins. Jose will be merciless at getting the quality he is looking for.

Just like being in a live studio, you will most likely be asked for multiple takes.

This band will be a real life experience for you with real life challenges and with real life standards, great training for becoming a sessions musician or for live auditions!

If all goes well with this band, as said, we WILL be creating more GMC Ultimate Bands in the future.

So, with that said, I will ask Jose to step in and get a little more in depth with regards to the program. Good luck and

I wish you all the best at "making the cut"!