Journal 2009-09-14 Gmc Video Chat

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GMC Video Chat
GMC Video Chat

Gmc Video Chat

In this little corner of the world called GMC we are used to watching great instructors playing guitar, and what's more, we love to interact with them. We've been doing so thanks to our lively forums & chat, and now a brand new & exciting option is available too: Video Chat!

What can be more enticing than watching our favourite instructors in real time, and be able to ask our doubts and talk to them live? :)

Video Chat is finally here, and after a few test chats with Kristofer Dahl we must say that it works so good, feels like a real one-on-one guitar lesson & chat, just amazing.

Possibilities are endless for this new feature: live 101 lessons, shows, and possibly also other kind of clinics.

This is what GMC's Founder & Rocker has to say about it:

"When we are done with evaluating the video chat I hope to be able to continue doing my own video chats regularly - the test chats we have had so far have been some of the most enjoyable lessons I have done so far! Getting direct feedback on the lesson is very rewarding.

* So far the only way to get to a video chat - is by looking out for forum topic that says "Kris in Video Chat" (or similar).

* Upon request, we have removed the gmc logo/watermark which occasionally hid my guitar's fretboard quite a bit.

* I have had one test chat with the mods/seniors and two open chats. Lots of members were present in the two open chats, and I have had particularly memorable video chat interation with Jafomatic, ESJ, Ryan, Matt23, Vasilije, Tolek, Neurologi, Sollesness, Caelumamittendum, Ivan Milenkovic, David Wallimann, Muntahunta, Bondy, Jesse, Jollygreengiant1, Dark_dude, Bogdan, vampire18, Twist, UncelSkillet. I hope to expand this list in the upcoming weeks!"