Journal 2009-12-05 MTP New Additions

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Mentored Training Program Rocks!
Mentored Training Program Rocks!

MTP New Additions

We've got the latest additions to our MTP program plus a new & exciting Vocal MTP featuring Luciana Segovia on our way! Get your axes (and throats!) ready!

Here's the list of instructors and assigned members that we got so far:

Pedja Simovic

Rated Htr, mhskeide, cathshadow, Ruben_mcn, Zen, Keilnoth, Sollesness, Boson, Playaxeman, JVM

Jerry Arcidiacono

Superize, Lester

Daniel Realpe


Bogdan Radovic

Sonny_NL, jollygreengiant1

Ramiro Delforte


Emir Hot

Braer, Twist, Nimrandir, Jakub Luptovec, maharzan, Arctic1234, DenisN, Birthmark, Ruzz, Marek Rojewski

Gabriel Leopardi

Bondy, Purple Hayes, Zion, crazy_Diamond

And these are the five lucky members that will start the vocal MTP with Luciana Segovia:


Good luck to all, hope you learn a lot! user posted image