Journal 2009-12-08 December Collabs

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Finished Collabs - December

These are our latest finished collabs:

Frusciante Style Collaboration: Instructor Gabriel Leopardi led 15 members on his latest "in the style of" collab, this time based on RHCP guitarist John Frusciante. Lots of tasty takes made up a fantastic final mix. Did you like it? See what you can do with the original backing track. Hint: Key of Am user posted image

Dreamy Ballad Odd Time Collaboration: Ten members took part on Daniel Realpe's very first Ballad collab. A soothing, relaxed dark backing track on 5/8 served our members well to put this interesting final mix together.

Smooth Latino Collab: A laid back latino backing and our members imagination were enough for Ivan Milenkovic to record this relaxing final mix featuring twelve different takes.

Funky Bluesy Collab: Did anyone say blues? Ivan Milenkovic is your man!, this funky influenced collab features four GMC members who jammed so well!. Listen to it here.

There are many more collabs going on now, join them at the Collabs Board!