Journal 2009-12-22 The GMC Festive Challenge

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Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays!

GMC Festive Challenge

We love competitions at GMC, and we wouldn't let these holidays go by without some rocking action!

Get ready to shred some Christmas songs with GMC Instructor Gabriel Leopardi, who has prepared a three-level challenge suitable for every member out there user posted image Let's hear what Andrew Cockburn has to say about it:

You only have 9 days so get to it, here's something to keep you occupied during those seasonal holidays! For those who don't celebrate Christmas, we would love you to take part as well!

We have a great competition for you this time - our very own Gabriel Leopardi has labored mightily under extremely tight deadlines to produce a 3 level lesson of Christmas songs:

I am sure you will agree that he has done an awesome job, and his arrangements of these popular Christmas songs are absolutely inspiring!

Thanks for your efforts Gabriel, you did an awesome job with this!

The challenge will be for you, dear GMC members to pick a level, learn the song and post your attempt at playing it. Our panel of judges will pick a winner in each category based on playing mechanics and feel.

What's the prize? A Boss Metal Zone stomp for each category winner! Go grab your guitars and post your takes in our boards :)