Journal 2010-01-02 Brand new collabs to welcome 2010

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Brand new collabs to welcome 2010

Here come the latest finished collabs, ready to welcome the New Year!

- 80s Metal Riff Collaboration by Daniel Realpe: A cool idea for a different collab, based on a backing track which is a lead on keyboards that lacks a riff, the mission on this one was simple: invent your own riff to suit the lead! Ten members worked hard, and this is the final result.

- Hard Rock melodic soloing in Am by Jonathan Burgos: Our members had to apply the concepts and scales that they studied on the original lesson by Jonathan. Minor Scale & Minor Blues scale suit the backing well, specially when mixed. Ten participants took part to produce this great final mix together.

- Crying For Ballad Collab by Ivan Milenkovic: Eight GMCers took part on this collab where Ivan tried to test our members ballad improvising skills, and they did quite well! Check the final mix, or try your own licks over the original backing