Journal 2010-01-06 Festive Challenge Results

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Festive Challenge Results

The winners of GMC's latest competition have just been announced!, here are the names and the comments from the judges:

Advanced Category


Comments: In the advanced category, the judges were unanimous. Noone completely nailed it but we were impressed with how close you both came.

Intermediate Category


Comments: Next, in the strongly fought intermediate category, the judges were split between Dexxter, Kaznie_NL and Superize, their ratings for tone feel and playing were practically identical, and all three of you nailed the tone and feel. However, sadly there has to be a winner, so we finally settled on Dexxter

Begginer Category


Comments: In the beginner category, the judges were again unanimous. Great video too, although we based the awarding of this purely on playing ability, tone and feel.

An honourable mention goes to Rik for the absolutely cutest video of the lot!