Journal 2010-01-13 GMC Hurt My Fingers Competition Results

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GMC Hurt My Fingers Competition Results

It was back in October that our member Staffay proposed a singular competition never before seen anyware on the net!, the GMC Hurt My Finger competition! user posted image

It seems our seasoned Staffay had a rough day with his guitars and ended up hurting his diamond-like fingers:

And so he decided to start a "Hurt Fingers" unofficial competition which would last until New Year's Eve. And he sure wasn't joking!, neither did some of our toughest members who decided to give it a go, and shared with us their poor shredded fingers!

Ok. So now that we know what this is all about here come the winners!!:

1st Place: Hammerhead's Fingers Of Doom

2nd Place: MirkoSchmidt Fingers of Destruction

It's obvious that our members have worked hard (a bit too hard really!), so they deserved some nice prizes, and Staffay didn't dissapoint:

1st Prize: A 6 month GMC Subscription

2nd Prize: 3 V-picks from the glowing series

And these are the things that happen in our boards! user posted image

Keep an eye on the official Competitions Board, because new stuff is always coming, and we promise it won't hurt your finger's health... too much! user posted image